Weather forecasts

Long range weather forecasts. Monthly forecast gives an outlook for the month ahead and is updated once a week. Seasonal forecast covers the coming season. Click to view the monthly outlook. or the Long range seasonal forecast
5 day weather forecast for the Island updated daily with the latest model data.
Click to view your local weather forecast. or 5 day Summary.












Extra Forecasts. The extra forecast series gives a specialized 5 day risk forecast for Rain, Snow, Frost and Thunder. Click to view: Rain, Snow, Frost, Thunder.






Shipping Forecast issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency updated daily. Click to view the Shipping forecast.
Pollen Forecast is available through May to August and is updated daily to show the amount of Grass Pollen in the air. Click to view the Pollen Forecast

Specialized Forecasts. Click to view: White Christmas Forecast Halloween Forecast

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