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The Vantage Pro2 offers features such as forecasting, hi-low records, on-screen graphing, and much more. Quick view icons show the forecast at a glance-sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rain or snow-while a moving ticker-tape display gives more details.

This advanced weather station uses frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly to its receiver up to 300m.

The integrated sensor suite combines the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer into one package-making setup easier than ever and improving performance and reliability.

For improved accuracy, temperature and humidity sensors are housed inside a radiation shield. The shield protects against solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.

Includes Vantage Pro2 console/receiver, integrated sensor suite, and mounting hardware. Integrated sensor suite includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, 12 m (40') anemometer cable, and solar panel. Electronic components are housed in a weather-resistant shelter.

The Plus version also includes solar radiation sensor, UV sensor, sensor mounting shelf.

The FARS version has a solar powered fan assisted radiation shield that offers even greater temperature and humidity accuracy and an improved response time under normal conditions.

Other sensors include a leaf wetness sensor, Soil temperature sensor both of which are paired up by a soil moisture sensor.

The sensor suite is solar powered. Electronic components are housed in a weather-resistant shelter.

We use the Weather Display / Weather Display LIVE and WeatherLink Software with MesoMap Live

We use The Boltek LD-250 Lightning and Storm Detection System with Nextstorm and StormVue software

We also use the SkyScan Lightning Detection System.

Wireless G IP Camera (WeatherCam)